About us

Our goal

MovingToAction’s goal is to generate competences in youth to build solidarity, responsible and conscious leadership.  As a family organization, we integrate educational and cultural transformation solutions that take a progressive approach by driving a profound change in our decision making and way of thinking.

A call to action

We are aware that the change we are looking for will take more than a generation to see the results of the efforts that we are starting today.

It is crucial to start now in order to see results in 20 years or more, but we must begin today, working in parallel with elements that perhaps do not receive much attention but are built in silence in the minds and hearts of people. Our main priority is preparation and prevention.


We want to challenge people’s perceptions about the impact of education and how to bring about change by offering a different perspective.

Our approach differs from others in that it promotes and develops positive behaviors – reflecting our conviction that if we work together, with children, young people and their parents, we can see a difference in how we think and behave in a more conscious way, showing love and respect for themselves and others.